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Syn oil change w/ premium filter       $65.00

Convention Oil w/ premium filter      $49.00 

Differential Fluid Change-                     $49.00

Radiator Coolant Flush-                         $59.00

Shop Labor Rate  $75.00 per hour

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Carlisle Tru-Power Ag Tires (4 ply)

Carlisle R1 (6 ply)

Got Carb Issues?

Watch some of our videos on youtube to help you troubleshoot your minitruck carburetor. If your still having problems give us a call. 281.660.8270 

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Subaru Sambar KS4-NGK Spark Plugs (QTY 4)


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Replacement Engine Air Intake Filter. Will fit KS3, and KS4 Subaru Sambar Mini Trucks.